Tenant Protection Checklist during COVID-19

Temporary Halt in Residential Evictions To Prevent the Further Spread of COVID–19

CDC Protection Declaration

If you meet all criteria, you will need to submit a declaration document to your landlord as soon as possible. We suggest you send one copy certified mail and one by first-class mail, or send by email with read receipt. It is important to have documentation that it was sent and received.

Also please keep in mind that even though there is a CDC halt on evictions, this may not apply to all cases. Landlords are now using Tenant Holding Over and Breach of Lease tactics to evict tenants. Please take a good look at your lease, if a landlord finds that anything in the lease is breached and they can prove it they can still file a case and you will still be at risk for eviction. If you are able, please continue to pay your rent even if you can only pay half. Please keep records of receipts for rent payments. For resources for financial assistance with rent please look in our Archive tab under COVID-19 Resources.


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Tenants Rights and Tips!!



Tenant unions are building, neighborhood, or city-based organizations made up of, and led by, tenants to fight for the collective interests and rights. Building-based tenants unions are generally made up of tenants who live in the same building and/or have the same landlord. Neighborhood and city-based tenant unions are networks of tenants who often have similar issues and stand in solidarity with each other, but may live in different buildings or have different landlords. You have a right to organize. Landlords cannot take any negative action based solely on a tenants' participation or membership in a tenant union or similar organization.



  1. If you have lost job due to COVID and are unable to pay your rent, it would help to write a letter to your landlord letting them know this.  (If you don't have a private landlord please try to reach out to the company who runs the property along with the property manager)

  2. Landlords CANNOT evict you without a court ordered eviction notice. Landlords would have to file a Failure to Pay rent against you and get a judgement before they can file an eviction. 

  3. If you are able, PLEASE go to court on your scheduled court date. 

  4. Rent Escrow (Please click link below on Rent Escrow Tips) 

  5. If you report a maintenance issue and there is no response write and mail a certified letter to landlord detailing these issues, if you have an email address for the landlord that would be good as well. This helps with keeping a paper trail showing that you have attempted to reach out to your landlord.  (Please click  link below for Sample Letter to Landlord)

Rent Escrow Tips

Sample Letter to Landlord:

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