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Darrell Glover: 30 Days Without Water

On behalf of Darrell Glover, please take a minute today to call Christopher D. Scott and urge him to do the right thing and restore power and water at 2425 St. Paul Street, because safe, habitable housing is a human right.

Please do not call after 8pm: Cell: 410-926-2502 Office: 703.883.0102

I’ve been a tenant at 2425 St. Paul Street since August 2014 and I’ve been paying monthly rent to the landlord, Christopher D. Scott of $350. On December 2014, Mr. Scott decided to increase the rent to $500.

I told him I was going through hard times and my unemployment was cut off when I got a new job, but then the job fell through. I fell behind on my rent, but always caught up every month. He told me he wanted all the tenants out of the house so he could remodel the property.

This year, I fell a few months behind, and Mr. Scott said he would work with me on a payment plan to catch up, and he even accepted money from me during the duration of that time.

On May 11th, I saw Mr. Scott outside the property with a BGE worker and I talked to him about a payment plan. I told him I was going to the store and I’ll be back to talk with him in ten minutes and he said alright. When I came back to the property they were both gone and the lights and water were turned off without any verbal or written notice or eviction notice.

Mr. Scott has never taken me to court for non-payment, or gone through a legal eviction process. I have not had water or power in my home for 30 days.

Please help me by calling Christopher D. Scott and asking him to do the right thing and restore services to my house at 2425 St. Paul Street, because I deserve to have services in my home as a human right.

–Darrell Glover, 2425 St. Paul Street

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