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A Change Is Gonna Come: RTHA Is Doing Some Restructuring.

For nearly four years, Right to Housing Alliance has been working with renters facing affordability, habitability, eviction, utility bills, or any other housing issues to build our collective power to change the housing system. We have been able to accomplish so much in those four years! We’ve marched, picketed, called-in, lobbied, sued, court supported, chanted, listened, learned, YELLED, surveyed, studied, canvassed, petitioned, developed our political consciousness,  connected renters with legal support from our outstanding partners at the Public Justice Center to win a nearly $1M settlement from Sage Management, conducted a study and launched the 7,000 Families Campaign to fix Baltimore’s broken Rent Court. Whew!

Up until now, the center of all of this work has been our weekly Member Meeting, but as our reach grows we realize that having a centralized meeting location just isn’t feasible for many members of our community because of transportation, child care, and a number of other barriers to participation that we face. So, we’re changing up the game, and bringing the meeting to our people. Starting in mid-July, we’ll be doing drop-in days at locations around Baltimore, at neighborhood centers, community association meetings, churches, and rec centers. There will be an assortment of locations and times throughout the day to ensure that we are available when and where we are needed, and the calendar will be coming soon!

Don’t worry, we will still have a monthly Member Meeting to bring everyone together and build our collective power!

At the same time, we are soon going to be launching a program that will train our Members in basic legal information on housing issues, so we can empower our own communities to be leaders, and solve some of the widespread problems that we face that might not necessarily require the assistance of attorneys. We’ll be training to train, too, so we can keep passing the knowledge forward! If you are a RTHA Member and want to take part in the trainings, please hit us up and we’ll keep you posted on the details.

The Right to Housing Alliance Leadership Council has been hard at work figuring out how we can do even more in the next year and years to come, and we are very excited about the changes we are making and in continuing to demand the right to safe, affordable housing that we all deserve.

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