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Sage Management Rally and Call-in

Join us on the courthouse steps at 501 E. Fayette on August 27th at 10am to stand with tenants demanding that Sage Management stop their predatory practices and honor tenants’ human right to housing with peace & dignity! Then join us in the courtroom at 10:45am for a quiet show of solidarity with Right to Housing Alliance members who have hearings.

Support the tenants between now and Tuesday and call the Sage Management office at (410)415-5553, enter any of the first four options and POLITELY request that they…

STOP the predatory cycle that keeps tenants in rent court and further behind month after month!

STOP ignoring tenants’ complaints about conditions issues!

STOP retaliation against tenants who stand up for their rights!

STOP the evictions!

Give your tenants peace & dignity!

Text one (or all) of the statements above to Gil Horowitz, owner of Sage Management, at 443.838.4844.

Sage Management refuses to treat their tenants with respect as a matter of policy. Their recipe seems to be, catch a tenant for late payment one time, take them to court, collect court fees, the legally allowable 5% late fee, predatory “agent” fees, apply the tenant’s  rent payment for the following month to those charges–leaving the tenant with a balance on their ledger–then use that balance to take the tenant to court again the following month, collecting another round of fees, and so on, and so on. Add some retaliatory threats of eviction. Take out the unnecessary cost of maintenance for keeping up Sage’s more than ten properties around the city. Stir. The result looks mighty profitable for Sage.

Some tenants don’t even have to fall behind on their rent. Sometimes Sage makes a mistake that starts the cycle, and before the tenant knows what’s happening they are receiving a “Pay to Stay” notice to stave off a pending eviction, for balances of sometimes thousands of dollars, despite having paid rent on time each month.

When confronted in their offices to break down these balances, Sage staff dismiss their own ledgers saying “they don’t mean anything.” When confronted in rent court to break down these balances, even Sage Management’s owner, Gil Horowitz, cannot say where these charges are coming from. And he is not interested in finding out. He continues to take 150-250 tenants to court each month, bragging about getting 240 default judgements on one occasion, despite his and his staff’s own inability to provide any justification for these charges.

Sage property managers refuse to look at tenants’ proof of payment when they try to question the balances, and refuse to issue receipts so that tenants can keep track of which payments are applied to which balances, which is in in violation of a State Law mandating landlords give tenants a copy of their rent receipt upon request.

Mr. Horowitz, after last month’s round of hearings in rent court, said he will not change any of his practices. But Sage Management tenants think he will.

Angela Mooring, who Sage Management keeps taking to court for an ever increasing back balance, despite her ability to provide receipts for every month she has lived in her apartment and Sage’s own ledger showing payment for every month, is tired of being threatened with eviction each month.

Tyra Miller, a single working mother of two, typically paid her rent in two installments when she received her paychecks from work each month. She says she struggled, but when she “got paid, the rental office got paid.” When Sage stopped accepting partial payments and started taking her to court each month, she fell further and further behind, now facing a huge balance of court fees and “agent” fees, and waiting each month to “see that yellow notice on the door. She is tired of the constant fear that she and her family will be put out, all while conditions at her property are absolutely deplorable. The exterior door locks to her building do not work, giving anyone access to her (usually dark) hallways. She walks into the building “not knowing if [she’s] going to be robbed, or raped.” And while Sage maintenance are working on the many vacant apartments in her building they leave all the doors wide open, decreasing the safety that Tyra thinks she deserves to feel at her home.

Detrese Dowridge is refusing to pay the balance above her rent until Sage can explain what it is for. Each month she goes to the rental office with a money order for rent, and asks Sage for a receipt stating that the money is to be applied to the current month’s rent. Sage refuses each month, even when made aware that they are violating a State law. Again, she is being taken to court for non-payment of rent despite Gil Horowitz being unable to show what the extra charges are for in front of a judge at court last month.

These are just a few of the nearly 200 tenants Sage Management is taking to court on Tuesday. Join us at the courthouse to demand an end to these predatory practices, and call Sage Management to ask them to respect tenants’ human rights.

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