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Sign The Petition; Stop the Water Shut-Offs Now.

Water is being turned off to 25,000 households in Baltimore. We, the members of Right to Housing Alliance and concerned residents of Baltimore City, demand a moratorium on water shut-offs, because water is a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT that we all need to survive.

Don’t let our residents suffer the indignity of life without water in their homes. Don’t let Baltimore become another Detroit.

The impact of water shut-offs on residents goes far beyond the lack of water. In Baltimore, homeowners can lose their homes to tax-lien foreclosures, and renters can be evicted for not paying their water bills, as they are often collected as rent.

A home without water is not a home at all. We urge you to sign the petition to stop the water shut-offs, to ask for the largest commercial users to be targeted first, and to demand that we are the kind of city that ensures that access to basic human rights are a priority.

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