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The clock is ticking for Sage Management

The clock is ticking for Sage Management. Nearly 70 tenants of the housing management company served the company’s owner, Gil Horwitz, a 30 days notice on January 7 to fix the conditions of all of its properties and to stop its predatory practices.

“Conditions issues in your properties are causing threats to our life, health, and safety and we feel that you and your staff have not been responsive in addressing these individual complaints,” the tenants wrote in the letter.

The company has until February 10 to remedy practices such as unlawful agent fees, applying current rent payments to past-due balances, refusal to issue receipts and retaliation against tenants with threats of eviction. Tenants have also faced maintenance issues such as mold, pests and inadequate lighting.

Sage Management LLC is affiliated with Sage Westchester LLC, Coventry Manor Apartments LLC, Sage Random LLC, Frederick Manor LLC, Kernan Gardens Apartments LLC, Lanier Virginia Acquisitions LLC, Sage Oakford LLC, Walbrook Apartments LLC, Windsor Arms Apartments LLC, Sinai Ridge LLC, Park Lane Apartments LLC and Frankford Gardens.

Sage Management has begun issuing receipts for rent payments, but still do not indicate what the payments are being applied to. As of today, January 27th, Sage Management has not responded to their tenants, nor made steps to change their practices. In the meantime they continue to take between 200-250 of their tenants to court each month, using the court as their personal debt collector.

Tenants have court dates on Monday, February 3rd at 8:30am. Join us in supporting them.

Read the Sage Letter here

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