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What’s Happens behind the scenes and how you can impact change:

On August 15, 2018, after police was called for an illegal lockout of a Business tenant by Zed Investment Group, LLC at 4001 Clarks Lane in Baltimore, Maryland, one of the police officers on the scene stated a that there was a 2015 law that landlords can evict a renter simply be placing a notice on the renters door of which police officers could force the renter out of the apartment of leased residence. The Officer stated that the law was posted inside the police department, which they are obligated to follow.

Contacted by the Bristol House Tenant Association, the Right To Housing Alliance (RTHA) contacted several Tenant/landlord advocates and was assured that the office was incorrect and a landlord MUST file in Rent Court to evict a tenant, whether under a Failure to Pay Rent, Beach of Lease or as a Squitter. The RTHA will be submitting a petition to ensure ALL police Departments get a copy of the CURRENT Eviction Process Law before they illegally help a crooked landlord evict a Tenant/Renter.

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